Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my social security card. Can I come to LCHD for a new one?
No. LCHD is not able to issue new or replacement social security cards. There are 2 Social Security offices in our area that are able to help you. Contact one of the following for additional information.

St Peters Office
4800 Executive Ctr Pkwy
St Peters, MO 63376
Hours 9 am – 3:30 pm

Hannibal Office, Federal Bldg.
155 Forrest Dr
Hannibal, MO 63401
Hours 9 am – 3:30 pm


I was not born in the state of Missouri. How can I obtain a copy of my certificate?
Our staff can provide the proper contacts to the Bureau of Vital Records for your state of birth. Please Betty or Lisa at 636-528-6117 option 0, or email them here.


My birth certificate has an error. Can you change it for me?
No. Our staff is not able to change data on birth or death certificates. You must contact:
Department of Health and Senior Services
Bureau of Vital Records
930 Wildwood, PO Box 570
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Credit Card # Only: 877-817-7363


What do I need to do to start a home food business – i.e. making and selling homemade jams and jellies, candy, barbeque sauce, salsas, etc.?
In general, an individual may not use their home kitchen to prepare food to be sold or distributed. The processor must also provide proper labeling for the product, meaning the product label must bear the name of the product, a list of ingredients from most predominant ingredient to the least, the net weight of the product, and name and address of the manufacturer.

Producers of certain types of food such as salsas, pickled foods and canned foods such as green beans etc. must register their process with the Food and Drug Administration, as well as obtain review of their process by a Process Authority. This means an expert in the field of food safety has reviewed the recipe and canning process. Processors of these “low acid canned foods” or “acidified” foods must also attend a course entitled “Better Process Control School”.

Additional information can be obtained from the Department of Health and Senior Services Food Protection program and also by visiting FDA’s web site.

For more information, contact our Office of Environmental Sanitation Staff at 636-528-6117 option 2.


I noticed outdated food items being sold at a local grocery store. Isn’t this illegal?
Dates on packages of food (including meat) are not enforceable under the law. The manufacturers put them on the package, as a guide for consumers and retailers but the health department cannot enforce these dates as dates by which products must be removed from sale.

This link is from DHSS website with additional questions and answers:

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What is an onsite sewage system or onsite wastewater treatment system (OWTS)?
Onsite systems are sometimes referred to as “septic systems.” Onsite sewage systems treat and dispose of domestic sewage on the property where it is generated. One example is a septic tank and soil absorption system. Another example is a lagoon serving a single-family residence. Missouri’s onsite sewage law covers systems with a daily flow of 3,000 gallons or less.


If I buy a home and move it onto a property with an existing system, can I use the existing system?
Unless you make major changes to the existing system, no permit is required to connect a new home. However, if the system is too small or poorly constructed it may not work right. If it fails, discharges onto the ground surface, or creates a nuisance or health hazard, and an affected person complains, you will be required to bring the system up to standards.


Does the state law require an inspection or evaluation of my onsite sewage system before I sell my home?
No. However, if a lender or buyer requests an inspection/evaluation, it must be conducted by a licensed individual. (Some counties do require an onsite system inspection for every sale.)


Who is responsible for maintenance of my onsite system?
As the system owner, you are responsible for its maintenance. If you don’t take care of your system, it may not properly treat wastewater from your home or business. This could put your family’s or neighbor’s health at risk. Lack of maintenance could also lead to more costly repairs in the future. The system manufacturer or installer may provide service for a period of time. If not, or after that period, a maintenance agreement is recommended


Why does the Health Department sometimes call me about recent lab test or illness that I had?
Local Public Health Departments are required to follow up on certain “communicable diseases” that physicians and labs are required to report. The Health Department enters this information into a State system, that in turn goes to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) so that they are able to see trends and/or outbreaks in disease, and use this information to prevent the spread of disease. For more information go to


What payment types are accepted at the health department?
The Lincoln County Health Department can accept cash, check, mastercard and visa.