Communicable Disease Tracking & Reporting

Donna Walton – Phone: (636) 528-6117 ext 407 or email our staff here.

One of the most important responsibilities in public health is to control and report communicable disease. The first step in the control of any communicable disease is prompt identification. For this reason health departments around the world collect data on reportable cases of infectious disease.

In Lincoln County, reports are obtained from specified sites throughout the county. An increased incidence of any specific disease is noted as reports are received. When a Lincoln County resident becomes ill with a contagious disease, an investigation is done and a report is filed. Often the investigation process includes education for the client and their family. Measures to prevent further spread of disease are a part of public health management of communicable disease. For additional information visit or call our office.

Animal Bites & Rabies

Donna Walton – Phone: (636) 528-6117 ext 407 or email our staff here.

All animal bites are to be reported to the local Health Department at 636-528-6117.

For basic information on what to do in the case of an animal bite, please follow the link to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Rabies brochure. Please be aware that Lincoln County does not have an animal control authority, although some municipalities (City of Troy, for example) do have animal control within city limits.

In brief, if you are bitten:

  • Don’t panic; wash the wound thoroughly and vigorously with soap & lots of water.
  • Call your physician immediately and follow his advice.
  • If possible, confine or capture the animal under a large box or other container if that can be done safely. The animal will need to be kept away from other animals for 10 days to observe it for any signs of illness.
  • If the animal cannot be contained and must be killed to prevent escape, do so without damaging the head—the brain is needed to test for rabies.
  • Report the bite to the Health Department at 636-528-6117. Dog bites should also be reported to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department.

Rabies brochure