In-Home Services

Donna Walton – Phone: (636) 528-6117 ext 407 or email our staff here.

As a service to our Lincoln County residents, the Lincoln County Health Department can provide Registered Nurse home visits and/or personal care assistant/homemaker visits to persons who do not qualify for visits through Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance. To qualify, client must be homebound or have a severely restricted activity level. Visit cost is determined by Sliding Scale Fee Schedule, based on income and Federal Poverty Level Guidelines.

For Registered Nurse home visits, client must have a referral from a physician with a reasonable expectation that medical, social and nursing needs can be met in client’s place of residence. There may be an additional charge for any medical supplies provided by RN. If we are unable to provide requested services, client will be referred back to physician.

Purpose of Personal Care Assistant/Homemaker visits is to perform personal care duties, such as bathing and skin care, and/or limited homemaker duties such as laundry, housecleaning, grocery shopping, cooking and errands, which will enable the client to continue living with dignity at “home” as long as possible. Client is responsible to provide any personal care and/or cleaning supplies needed during the visit.

In the event that we are not able to staff all visits that are requested, the client/family will be notified. Visits will be made only during regular LCHD business hours. If the visit falls on a holiday, the schedule will be rearranged to a mutually suitable day. As a courtesy to our staff and to protect their health, please refrain from smoking during visits.

These in-home services are provided through the Lincoln County Health Department and are not services that are covered by Medicare or any other insurance source. Clients will be billed monthly, payable to our agency. No payment is to be made directly to agency staff in the home.